Lenovo k4 note mic problem.

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Lenovo k4 note mic problem.

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Bharath asked 12 months ago

Hello sir. I bought a Lenovo k4 note couple of weeks ago through amazon. Everything was perfect, but now I am experiencing a problem in the in built mic. It goes like I can hear the person on the line speaking but they can’t hear my response. It works properly if I turn on to the loud speaker mode. But u kno doing that for private calls isn’t feasible..  Pls let me kno what can be done. Is der any chance for the mic reppacement?  Will be waiting for your reply Thanks N Regards Bharath.G

Noor replied 10 months ago

i got the same problem,was very happy with this phone. But it was short lived. Because the mic is fully faulty. No body could hear my voice when I making calls. Despite update with Android mic not repaired. At present no proper service center is available.Very much disappointed with Lenovo. Please take steps to fix this.

himanshu yadav replied 9 months ago

i also face the mic problem mic is note working

rohit replied 7 months ago

Hi, I am also facing same problem the mic down side send voice at vary low freq. But the mic behind i.e. near to camera sand voice in good freq. But we can not hold phone opposite because of the sensors.

Rajesh replied 3 months ago

I don’t have any problem with the handset, but whenever I use my headphone to answer calls the other person is not able to hear my voice ,tried with many different headsets but I found same issue. could some one help me in getting out of this

Dedicated servers replied 1 week ago

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1 Answers
GadgetBABA Staff answered 12 months ago

Problem seem to be with the in-built mic. Please check is there is something obstructing the mic e.g. tiny papers, etc… if there is something clean it. most likely this is the problem. If not try to shake the mobile lightly and see if the problem goes off. If the problem still persists , the phone is brand now and you may not want to waste your time ask Amazon for replacements. We can help with that. Hope this helps. Let us know if this solves the problem.

Pooja Dalwani replied 9 months ago

Even I got the same problem with K4 note. It was perfect when I bought the phone but after couple of weeks mic stopped working and I went in a service center to it done, they kept my phone for 7 days. The problem was solved but then mic suddenly stopped working again. Again I went in a service center where I told them the problem and then again they asked me to keep the phone without telling me the maximum time that I have to wait to get my phone back. When I asked for a temporary phone they simply refused in a very unprofessional way. I must say lenovo phones and all the service centers are very disappointing. One should never buy a lenovo gadget.

Praveen replied 8 months ago

I had the same issue for my Lenovo k4 note and then i started using an external mic and now everything works fine. Imported 3.5mm Mini Stereo Microphone Mic -Mobile Phone Laptop Recording Small https://www.amazon.in/dp/B01GCQLNNI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_gFuOxbS1N01C8 with this u have to buy a 3.5 mm splitter to which you will have to connect a speaker or headphones.

eric replied 5 months ago

i faced the same problem, i searched for solutions evrywhere but i couldnt get it, i was helpless and i took my extra toothbrush and started brushing the speaker, and it works again.

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