How Do I not let Chrome Kill my computer

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How Do I not let Chrome Kill my computer

Chrome is possibly the best browser around but if you are like me who doesn’t closes TABS and at any point of time you can find anywhere between 10-20 tabs opened. You know what happens Chrome just keep eating the resources. They may have great reason for this but I do not need to know 😉

However, what I do like to do is to free the resources (Read RAM) for other programs.

Here is what I do:

I use a extension called The Great Suspender and my experience with it is fantastic. The way it works is : after a predefined time of inactivity , TAB that are not been used gets suspended and resources gets free. When you need to revisit , you just need to refresh the TAB and BOOM .. you start where you left. I have tested this with 250 TABS opened on Macbook Air

The Great Suspender Chrome

Download and say bye bye to resource killing.

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