Hero Honda Unveils New 225CC Karizma ZMR

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Hero Honda Unveils New 225CC Karizma ZMR

karizma ZMR

New Delhi, Sept. 21 Hero Honda on Monday announced the launch of the Karizma ZMR, the next generation motorbike from the premium Karizma series.The Karizma ZMR, which has a similar 225-cc engine as its predecessor, now features the programmable fuel injection (PGM-Fi) technology. According to the company, the PGM-Fi technology translates to better fuel efficiency, more power and higher top speed.New Karizma ZMR Is Available In Following Five Shades Pearl White, Moon Yellow, Panther Black, Sports Red,& Vibrant Blue.

“One of the key pillars of our strategy has been to consistently keep introducing new, advanced products and maintaining a balanced product portfolio. The ZMR is all set to augment our steadily growing presence in the premium segment,” said Mr Pawan Munjal, Managing Director, Hero Honda.

According to the company, the ZMR is compliant with BS-III emission norms, which will come into force in April. The ZMR will be available in pearl white, moon yellow, panther black, sports red and vibrant blue. Priced at Rs 91,000, it will go on sale from the end of this month.The company, which claims a 59 per cent share of the domestic motorcycle market, said that the ZMR is being targeted at youngsters between 18 and 24.

Comparison Of New Karizma ZMR, Pulsar 220, Yamaha R15 & Apache RTR 180


Data New Karizma ZMR Bajaj Pulsar 220 Yamaha R15 Apache 180
Engine 4 Stroke 4 Stroke 4 Stroke 4 Stroke
Displacement 223cc 220cc 149.8cc 177.4cc
Max Power 17.6 Bhp-7000 rpm 21 Bhp-8500 rpm 17 Bhp-8500 rpm 17.3 Bhp-8500 rpm
Max Torque 18.5 Nm-6000 rpm 19 Nm-7000 rpm 15 Nm-7500 rpm 15.5 Nm-6500 rpm
Gears 5 Speed 5 Speed 6 Speed 5 Speed
Cooling Type Liquid Cooled Air Cooled Liquid Cooled Air Cooled
Top Speed 126 kmph 144 kmph 135 kmph 125 kmph
0-60 kmph 3.70 secs NA 3.20 secs 4.35 secs
Brakes Discs Discs Discs Discs
Price 91000.00 71000.00 97000.00 64000.00


The PGM-Fi system is equipped with a 12 hole fuel injector, 16 bit ECU and 6 high-tech sensors to scan the engine operating parameters like air pressure, air temperature, and engine temperature to ensure the optimum air / fuel ratio under dynamic conditions. An advanced vertical oil cooler provides efficient cooling to the high performance engine and the IACV (Idle air control valve) ensures idle stability and smoothens response to throttle changes. 

New Design Features Of Karizma ZMR:

1. Full Front Fairing 
2. Split Clip On Handle Bars 
3. Split Rear Grab Rails 
4. Mirrors Mounted On The Fairing 
5. New Rear Mud Guard  
6. New Headlamp & Tail Lamp Which Is Now LED 
7. Rear Disc Brakes 
8. Turn Indicators Mounted On Front Fairing 
9. New Graphics & 10. Slightly Reprofiled Body Work

New Technical Features In Karizma ZMR:

1. PGM-Fi: Programmable Fuel Injection  
2. 16 Bit ECU Processor For Rapid Digital Fuel Injection Mapping 
3. Oil Cooled Engine 
4. 12 Hole Fuel Injector For Better Atomization Of Fuel 
5. Engine Oil Temperature Sensor Which Provides Different Fuel Mixtures At Different Temperatures 
6. Intake Air Temperature Sensor Which Senses The Intake Air Temp To Determine & Supply The Optimum Air To Fuel Ratio 
7. Throttle Position Sensor Which Detects Throttle Opening & Provides Input To The ECU 
8. Crank Position Sensor Which Senses The Position & Time At Which Fuel Needs To Be Injected In Relation To Crank Angle 
9. Oxygen Sensor Ensures Correct Air Fuel Ratio For The Catalytic Convertor 
10. Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor 
11. Idle Air Control Valve 
12. Gas Charged Shock Absorbers & Rear Disc Brakes

Some call it street fighter; some call it a perfect tourer, but the fact remains that, Karizma still remains one of the most desired bikes in India even after so many years in the market. After having tested every inch of a Honda lover, with some very lame sticker upgrades, Honda seems to be serious this time and it feels like all the wait was worth it and here we have one of the shortest of glimpses into a brand new world of motorcycling in India.

  • Revamped Front Fairing: As clearly depicted in the pics, the bike would be a full faired stunner (second in India after Yamaha R15) with stylish new clear white indicators and stylish and curvier headlamps.
  • Mounted Rear View Mirrors: The Rear view mirrors would be mounted on the fairing, but sadly, they look so traditional.
  • LED Tail Lamps: The bike would do away with the traditional bulbs system and would sport the much better and more efficient and upmarket LED Tail Lamps (probably similar to CBZ Extreme’s)
  • Rear Disc Brakes: The bike would sport rear disc brakes for an even better braking of the bike.
  • Gas Reservoir shock Absorbers: The bike would now sport a set of inverted Gas Reservoir shock absorbers straight from its smaller sibling, the Hunk which would make the bike an even better one for long rides.
  • Liquid Cooling: The bike would (in all probability) have a liquid cooled engine for an even better cooling of the engine and to null the effect of the lack of air because of the full fairing.
  • Fuel Injection: The bike would have the much touted and advanced PGM-Fi from Honda. PGM-Fi already does its job in smaller siblings of Karizma and it, sure would add to the overall character of the bike. Because of Fuel Injection, new Karizma is expected to have a bump in both power and mileage at the same time, along with a much better throttle response.
  • New Sticker job: The bike gets a fresh new sticker work which works wonder to the overall looks of the bike.
  • Split Grab Rails: The bike also gets a (rather non-matching) new set of split grab rails to enhance the ‘feel good’ factor of the bike.
  • Clip-ons: The bike also gets a lovely set of clip-ons. As a result, the posture thus obtained is unmatched and perfect which could be called a mix of sporty and touring. Honda, for sure has sorted this out well.

karizma ZMR Blue

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