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The “Transition” Roadable Aircraft | Flying Car | Price | Features

Transition Roadable Aircraft.

Don’t call it a flying car. It is a roadable airplane. That is what team over at a Boston-based company is saying about their vehicle,The Transition.The two-seater vehicle can let you fly if you wish to avoid the congested city traffic. If you want to drive on the road, just touch the road. The vehicle will fold up its wings in 30 seconds and transform itself into a car. “The Flying Car” can travel up to 725 kilometres in the air at a speed of more than 115 kilometres per hour. Fuelled by gasoline, it has front wheel drive on the road and a propeller for flight. With its wings folded, it can be parked in your ordinary car garage.


Terrafugia is hoping the Transition will be a hit at $194,000 piece. It is designed to both fly and drive on the same 100-horsepower engine, that runs on super unleaded. Every pilot faces uncertain weather, rising costs, and ground transportation hassles.The Transition
combines the unique convenience of being able to fold its wings and drive on
any surface road with a modern personal airplane platform. Folding the wings for road use and
deploying them for flight at the airport is activated from inside the cockpit.This unique functionality
addresses head-on the challenges faced by today’s Private and Sport Pilots.
Terrafugia’s award-winning MIT-trained engineers have been advancing the state-of-the-art in
personal aircraft since 2006. Now you can streamline your flying experience with the revolutionary
integration of personal land and air travel made possible by the Transition Roadable Aircraft.The engineers say the first Terrafugia is expected to ship in 2011.



Cruise: 100 kts (115 mph)
Rotate: 70 kts (80 mph)
Stall: 45 kts (51 mph)
Range: 400nm (460 mi)
Takeoff over 50′ obstacle: 1700′


Fuel burn: 5 gph
Fuel tank: 20 gallons
Useful Load: 430 lbs
On road: 30 mpg, highway speeds
Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)


Front wheel drive on the ground
Automotive-style entry and exit
Two place, side by side
Automated electromechanical folding wing
No trailer or hangar needed
Cargo area holds skis, fishing poles or golf clubs

Drive in case of inclement weather
Proven 100 hp Rotax 912S engine
Full vehicle parachute available
Modern glass avionics
Automotive crash safety features


6’ 9” tall
80” wide
18’ 9” long


6’ 3” tall
19’ 2” long
27’ 6”
51” at the shoulder


Become a Sport Pilot in as little as 20 hours of flight time in a Transition®-specific course. For existing pilots, get comfortable quickly with the familiarization training included with every Transition® delivery.


Fully refundable $10,000 airframe reservation deposit. Anticipated purchase price: $194,000.


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