Wanna keep your PC Monitor or Notebook Display Clean-Try this

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Wanna keep your PC Monitor or Notebook Display Clean-Try this

In general, computer displays tend to get quite dirty with fingerprints, whether we’re talking about notebook displays or PC monitors. Whether you try to show something to a friend or simply want to catch a mosquito or fly that’s been bugging you for the past hour, you’ll most like wind up getting your fingerprints all over the screen.There are several ways in which one can either prevent the display from getting dirty or “cure” it. However, before talking about what you need to do in order to clean-up your dirty display, let’s see what can be done in order to keep it clean in the first place.


First of all, quite obviously, the best way to keep a display clean is by not touching it. However, for some people, keeping their hands off the display might prove to be pretty irresistible, so the second advice would be to place it somewhere relatively out of reach. And by that we don’t mean “on the ceiling” but rather beyond your immediate reach. It’s very likely that, if you can’t touch it while sitting down on the chair, you won’t get up in order to do so.

Another thing you could try is place a “post-it” note on the corner of the display. While some of you might laugh at this particular method.

the truth of the matter is that it could actually prove to be quite effective, especially if you’re the type of person who tends to forget things quite fast. Obviously, you can try pretty much anything that crosses your mind, although surrounding the display with barbwire or an electrical “fence” might be a little too extreme.

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