Nokia 5800 Touchscreen XpressMusic phone

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Nokia 5800 Touchscreen XpressMusic phone

Nokia, has unveiled its much-awaited touchscreen handset. Called the 5800 XpressMusic phone, the phone has a large screen that measures 3.2 inch diagonally (640 by 360 pixels) with up to 16 million colors.

 The handset is a GSM/EDGE/HSDPA 3G device along with 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (with stereo audio) and USB 2.0 connectivity. It also has A-GPS and Nokia Maps for voice-guided navigation. Nokia 5800 has a pair of stereo speakers and a 3.2 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and a dual-LED flash. The battery life is reportedly as much as nine hours (GSM) or five hours (HSDPA), 35 hours for music playback or three hours of video. Standby time is up to 17 days. Nokia 5800 supports both finger and stylus touch so users can use a stylus for text input or navigation if they like rather than the tip of their finger only.It has 81MB of internal memory and comes with an 8GB micro-SD card as standard equipment. Nokia 5800 runs on Nokia/Symbian’s S60 fifth edition operating system.

Musical Bonus
Perhaps the most important feature of the 5800, though, isn’t hardware but the built-in music collection. Beginning next year, the phone will feature Nokia’s Comes With Music service—a year’s worth of downloads from a catalog that includes all four major labels and 4 million songs (, 9/2/08). It may be the music, more than the device, that’s really aimed at Apple. Anyone who buys a 5800, with a massive selection of music embedded in the price, is unlikely to pay for the same music on iTunes.

Sophisticated Insides
The 5800’s inner workings also are more advanced. (Saying such things always generates hate mail from iPhone fans.) It’s a fact that Nokia has much more experience than Apple—or anybody else, for that matter—in packing an astonishing number of radios and other electronics into a small package and making everything work reliably. The 5800 has a better camera, including a Carl Zeiss lens. Its Internet browser can handle Flash files, which the iPhone can’t. And it has built-in GPS navigation (as do the newest iPhones). Since Nokia hasn’t yet released test versions of the 5800, it’s impossible to say which is better. But given how much effort Nokia has put into navigation (it’s already the world’s largest maker of GPS devices), it will be a surprise if the new phone doesn’t turn out to be more precise and better at snagging a satellite signal than the iPhone. Nokia will include an introductory subscription to voice navigation in the price.

Bluetooth stereo
Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic can sync with stereo Bluetooth or in-car Bluetooth handsfree, which again Apple iPhone cannot. Nokia’s touch phone supports Bluetooth version 2.0 with A2DP and AVRCP. iPhone lacks A2DP on Bluetooth. A2DP audio devices, such as stereo Bluetooth headsets, offer enhances listening quality. Also, iPhone doesn’t support file sharing feature including MP3, images and video files via Bluetooth.

Nokia 5800 Phone in India by November
Nokia has decided to launch its first touch screen phone in India in the third week of November. The Finnish handset major will position the phone, ‘Nokia 5800’, under its music platform ‘XpressMusic’ series and likely to price it at sub Rs20,000.Industry circles feel the price of Nokia 5800 will play a major role in garnering market share, since the recent spate of touch screen phones like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Omnia are priced more than Rs 30,000 in India.

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