First Look at Google Chrome

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First Look at Google Chrome

Hearing about Google Chrome – a new browser I was excited, not because it is a new browser; because it is the first one by GOOGLE. So went ahead and installed, Installation went smooth as expected, though I must admit that I did not try anything fishy.Here are my initial impression about google chrome..


When you open the browser for the first time you are more likely to be impressed with its simplicity and modern minimalistic design. There is no files/folders/edit etc… buttons which is awesome change. For those like me who has used Safari browser quite a bit you may feel some similarity with the design. I guess lot of us does not mind. For me Safari’ looks and feel is the best in the browser, A lot better than Firefox.When I started with Firefox I used to really like it for simplicity and ease of use, but after millions of plug-ins and new functionality added everyday FF crashes more often than even the dreaded IE. I hope this does not happen to Chrome.

Tabs are much better placed, to search, you don’t have to type in search boxes settings are minimal. Right now it looksgood. The guy who has designed it, must have seen Firefox logo a zillion time;)


What do we look in the browser, ease of use, secure, does not take lot of memory, and should not crash easily. In-factmost of us also do not mind little bit of typing if this can maintain cleaner layout. Chrome does that at this point of time. I have played video, checked sites, read news and shopped for a new headset today and it worked great. I do not have the number but I felt it to be a little faster than Safari and lot faster than Firefox. A good or bad functionality depending upon from which side you look at it, available on Chrome is it stores the screen shots of your recently visited sites/pages and depending upon from where are you surfing and moreover what are you surfing lately J . Part of it is being taken from similar plug-in available for both Firefox and IE. I liked it, a good addition would be for them to only store those pages which the user wants to store and not everything. I may not know this functionality might be available. I reallyliked the Tabs they are bigger better and more ergonomically placed.


Here are few screen shots I am planning to write a more detailed review when I have used it for some more time:

Google Chrome history page screenshot



Google Chrome page screenshot



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