Nokia’s New Handsets?

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Nokia’s New Handsets?

These are few of Nokia’s new handsets that we could expect to see some time soon. They all seem like high-end editions with plenty of features to offer from the rumored i-Killer, the touch screen enabled Tube, to new dual sliders with 5MP cameras.

The list includes –

Nokia 5800 XpressMedia – Tube

Nokia’s contribution to the i-Killer list is going to be called the 5800 XpressMedia, which could be a new series the company intends to kick start. Nokia’s Touch UI seems like a variation of theirSymbian S60 UI and that is in no way a bad thing for Nokia users. The Tube will also have a Stylus for navigation and selection, come equipped with a 3MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics (just 3MP??? Hopefully that will be upgraded before it’s out officially) and Bluetooth with an A2DP profile would surely be part of its connectivity options. It will surely support EDGE and GPRS and possibly 3G with HSDPA speeds but there doesn’t seem to be any official information about that. According to the images floating around, there doesn’t appear to be a secondary camera, so perhaps it’s possible that the handset may not support video calling. Yeah right!

Nokia N85
The Nokia N96 has scarcely graced us with its presence and there already seems to be a successor making the scene. This new dual slider seems to have the same features that include a 5MP camera with Carl-Zeiss optics and a secondary camera in front. Nothing else is known about the handset, but the questions that arise are will it also have DVB-H support? And since the N81 and N96 have Nokia’s Navi Wheel feature, would this one have it too? And what about GPS? The bigger question would be – Why make a clone of a handset that already exists? We’ll just have to wait and see if any of these questions are answered by the company.

Nokia N79
Another upgrade that’s on this list is the apparent successor to Nokia’s recently launched N78 and guess what… it’s called the N79. Nokia seems to be running out of design ideas with handsets that look almost identical to their predecessors and only a slight alteration to the form factor. The N78 looks quite like the N82 and now the N79 doesn’t look all that different from the N78. Once again it wouldn’t be speculation as much as a lucky guess to assume that this S60 enabled handset would also have very similar features to the N78. But let’s just wait for Nokia to come right out and say it.

Nokia 6260

The last one on the list is what looks like the upgrade to either the 6220 Classic or the 6120 Navigator slider handsets. What we can tell from the rather unclear images going around is that it has a 5MP camera but will it be another Navigator or just another high-end handset from Nokia much like the others on this list.

Of course there’s no word on most of these Phones save the Tube, (since it’s been making the scene for a while now) being official in any way. The live images don’t tell us too much about the handsets so as of now it’s just a waiting game…..

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