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Hottest Green gadgets

Green’s in. Green computing, the hottest mantra for IT cos, is fast inching into our lives. Almost all leading tech manufacturers have launched a range of eco-friendly gadgets that promise lower energy and power consumption and offer environment-friendly disposal.

Right from energy saving bulbs, to exercise gadgets, to cell phone chargers to laptops, Green is everywhere.

This week Dell unveiled its small business PC Vostro 410. With a starting price tag of Rs 32,900, the PC claims to reduce consumers’ electricity bills by as much as 47 per cent.

The biggest cell phone maker, Nokia, too plans to roll out 40 Green phones this year. Here’s looking into these hot new Green gadgets..

Dell Vostro 410

The leading computer vendor Dell launched its Green PC for the small and medium business segment recently. Dell Vostro 410 desktop is designed to reduce carbon footprint as well as help customers’ save as much as 47 per cent on their electricity bills.

The PC comes with Intel Core 2 Quad, 512MB Nvidia GeForce, 800MHz system memory, six expansion slots, four bays and gigabit Ethernet.

With a price tag of Rs 32,900, Vostro 410 offers up to 3TB of local storage. The company claims that the PC has high-performance processing power, graphics technology, fast networking and maximum expandability.

Dell also announced the availability of the E207 20-inch widescreen flat panel monitor. The company claims that more than 25 per cent of the monitor’s plastic comprise recycled materials. The E207 display starts at $259 (approx Rs 10,000).

Samsung W510 and F268

Samsung recently made its entry in the eco-friendly cell phone category with the launch of two new handsets — W510 and F268.

W510 is the company’s first mobile phone that has ‘bio-plastic’ made from natural material extracted from corn.

The company plans to use renewable and eco-friendly material instead of using common plastic produced from petroleum. Samsung claims that it didn’t use any heavy metals such as Lead, Mercury and Cadmium in its latest eco offerings.

The other model Samsung F268 does not contain BFRs (Brominated Flame Retardant) or PVC. Also, its accessories including charger and headset are free from BFRs and PVC.

The products are in line with Energy Star requirements set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy…

Green Sony Bravia

Japanese giant Sony has launched a flat-panel Green TV that consumes less energy compared to regular models without compromising image quality.

The 32-inch, Bravia KDL-JE1, consumes 82 watts of energy on its liquid crystal display.

Priced at $1,400, the TV goes on sale in Japan on July 30, and is expected to hit the global market later this year. The company claims that it achieved the energy savings by developing a brighter back light and better filtering that delivers light more efficiently.

Compared to the old-style TVs with a cathode-ray tube monitor, Bravia KDL-JE1 consumes about 70 per cent less energy a year.

The company claims that by consuming less energy, the new Green TV reduces carbon emissions by 79 kilograms a year, the amount equivalent to the one consumed by about six cedar trees in a year.

As for consumers, it means a good saving on the electricity bill…

Nokia 3110 Evolve

Late last year Nokia launched its eco-friendly phone, Nokia 3110 Evolve, which it claims is 65 per cent recyclable. The phone has a bio-cover made with over 50 per cent renewable material and comes in a box made of 60 per cent recycled material.

Evolve comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera, FM radio, digital music player, 262K color display, infrared and a mini USB port. The phone supports Bluetooth withA2DP, external memory with microUSB cards up to 2GB.

The company has also announced plans to launch about 40 new green mobile phones this year. The phones which will be priced across all ranges, will have biodegradable phone covers and recyclable battery designs, which contain small amount of toxic material such as cadmium and lithium.

The company is also working towards reducing the energy consumption of its mobile chargers by up to 50 per cent. Nokia also plans to open up ‘Green Bins’ across all Nokia dealers in India, where customers can dispose of their old mobile phones for recycling.

 Fujitsu’s wooden laptop

Japanese giant Fujitsu recently displayed a concept laptop product whose casing is made of wood. The company said that the laptop would have cedar wood for its case.

The company is also using bio-plastics for other parts to make the laptop environment friendly.

Also, it is collaborating with Monacca, a Japanese design team, for this concept product. Monacca specialises in wooden products ranging from furniture to calculators..

Zonbu Green Laptop 

Makers of mini desktop PC, Zonbu, launched an environment-friendly notebook computer. The laptop is designed to consume less power usage and is made of less hazardous material than normal laptops with proper recycling techniques.

With 15.4 inch (1,440-by-900) widescreen display, the notebook weighs 5.3 lbs. It loads a 1.5GHz, ultra-low-voltage VIA C7-M processor, 512MB of RAM, a 60GB local hard disk, a dual-layer DVD-RW/CD-RW drive, VIA Chrome9 HC IGP graphics (64MB shared memory, 128MB maximum), built-in speaker, microphone and headphone ports.

The company claims that the battery lasts 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours per charge.

The notebook received an EPEAT silver rating from the Green Electronics Council.


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