MP3 Sunglasses Price Features

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MP3 Sunglasses Price Features

mp3 Sunglasses

Imagine if your sunglasses have an additional feature in addition to its more common feature i.e. the way they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays then certainly it will be an added advantage for the costumers. Orchid launches attractive ranges of sunglasses that is loaded with MP3.So from now if you are facing the heating waves of the summer then enjoy your journey in cool and singing way.


  • Memory flash 1 GB
  • Earphone impedance160x2
  • Voice output frequency 20Hz-20 KHz
  • Voice output power 55mW
  • Maximum input power rating 5VDC, 150mA
  • Battery type built in lithium ion polymer/3.7v, 150mAh
  • Charging time-3 hr
  • Mfr.estimated battery life-6 hr continuous
  • Earphone type-Binaural
  • Audio additional features-Auto power off
  • Sound output mode-Stereo
  • External hard drive function-Yes
  • Playback mode-Random play
  • Signal to noise ratio-87.2dB
  • Digital format supported-MP3/WAV/WMA
  • Pc interface supported-USBS

Price Range-Rs 4000 – Rs 5000


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