TVS scooty Teenz Electric and TVS three wheeler

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TVS scooty Teenz Electric and TVS three wheeler

TVS scooty Teenz Electric and TVS three wheeler

TVS scooty Teenz Electric:

Our earlier article electric vehicles(EV’s) in india cited the lack of major players in electric vehicle segment as the major cause for its low reach. TVS has been hinting its interest on alternative fuels, in 2004 Delhi auto show TVS showcased a concept electric vehicle with a 48-V battery, has a range of 100 km per charge with a charging time of eight hours. Now TVS is ready to enter production of electric vehicles.


India’s third largest manufacturer TVS forays into the rapidly growing electric market through its scooty teenz electric. The Scooty Teenz electric vehicle is built on the same platform as the earlier two-stroke version of the Teenz and it will will come in three motor power variants. Similar to other players in the Industry this Teenz Electric also feature an imported electric motor. Even though TVS will wipe out our concern of bad dealer network that is associated with other players. Our other concerns such expensive spare parts(also the vehicle) and problems with electrical kits(often requires replacement) will continue to exist since TVS too import spare parts. The company says “The electric scooter would make a two-wheeler affordable to own and run for the school-girl or housewife even in small towns. It has the build quality and reliability that TVS is known for,”

Scooty teenz electric which is powered by 800W motor is expected to reach a top speed of 40 kph and would be capable of a maximum range of 50 km per charge. Scooty Teenz electric can be fully charged by plugging it into a household power socket for four hours.

TVS plans to roll out a hybrid version of scooty next year. TVS also plans to roll out the CNG version of its two-wheelers in january 2008.



TVS three wheeler:

TVS Motor’s new passenger three-wheeler will come fitted with a 200cc, two-stroke, 7 ports engine. The three wheeler’s petrol engine produces a peak power of 8.5 bhp and a peak power torque of 18 Nm. The three wheeler comes with an electric self-start. The three wheelers are expected to e price between Rs50000 – Rs75000. TVS also rolled out LPG and CNG version of the passenger autorickshaw along with the petrol version. TVS is working on a four-stroke engine platform which will be launched within the next one year. TVS will come out with a cargo version of the three-wheeler. The cargo version of the three-wheeler would be in the diesel category at a payload capacity of one-tonne. The vehicle will be fitted with a higher capacity engine with the peak torque at lower rpm to take care of gradability without frequent gearshifts.

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