SAMSUNG launches its 2008 range of BIOSLEEP air conditioners

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SAMSUNG launches its 2008 range of BIOSLEEP air conditioners

SAMSUNG India Electronics Pvt Ltd  announced the launch of its 2008 range of biosleep air conditioners. The new air conditioner range comprising of 10 nos. of star rated Split AC models and 5 Window AC models, will see the Company entering new capacity segments like 0.8T and 1.6T in Split ACs and 1.6T in Window ACs in addition to range enhancements within existing capacity segments. With the introduction of the new models, SAMSUNG has a lineup of 29 Airconditioner models across the Window and Split AC segments. The company which is targeting a 22% market share in air conditioners this year, plans to strengthen its air conditioner business this year through an aggressive sales channel expansion for its Home appliance business as well as expansion of its AC S&S network by over 70%.

Announcing the launch of the new Air conditioner range, states Mr.R.Zutshi, Dy MD, SAMSUNG India, “Product differentiation in the form of the biosleep feature, the SAMSUNG Ultra tropical rotary compressor and the design of SAMSUNG air conditioners coupled with our enhanced channel penetration should help us achieve our targeted 65% increase in AC volumes this year. We expect our Split AC volumes to grow from around 50% contribution level witnessed last year to around 58% of our total AC Volumes this year.” states Mr.Zutshi. The Company expects to achieve a 110% growth in its Air conditioner business in Andhra Pradesh this year.

SAMSUNG’s new AC range has been developed by studying the sensitive sleep patterns of human’s scientifically. This innovative technology known as the biosleep function keeps the skin’s temperature at an optimal level during the three stages of dormancy – falling asleep stage; sound sleep stage and wake up stage and results in 82% longer deep-sleep hours for a more rested brain and body. It quickly cools down room temperature during the falling asleep stage, keeps optimum skin temperature for a deep and comfortable sleep by preventing the skin from drying during the sound sleep stage and raises room temperature to raise human body temperature for waking up, so that the user wakes up more refreshed in the morning. Furthermore, the Good Sleep Mode saves up to 30% energy as compared to conventional cooling.

The Company has put a lot of thrust on customising its product range for the Indian market. The Company has equipped its complete Air conditioner range – both Window and Split ACs – with the specially developed Ultra tropical rotary (UTRTM) compressor that can quickly cool the air even in severe hot climate. The UTRTM Compressor maximises the energy efficiency of SAMSUNG air conditioners by up to 10% and ensures lower power consumption. The UTRTM Compressor features a high torque motor that can operate under heavy loads and starts up even in low voltage conditions.

The SAMSUNG Window Air conditioner range comprises of eleven models across 1.0 T, 1.5 T, 1.6 T and 2.0 T capacities, with the new models having been introduced in the 1.0T, 1.6T and 2.0 T capacities across the ‘Z’ and ‘X’ series of SAMSUNG Air conditioners. The SAMSUNG Window AC range comes with unique features like biosleep SAMSUNG UTRTM compressor, filter choke indicator, energy saving mode, Bio evaporator and memory restart function. The X series of SAMSUNG Window ACs comes with an Auto shutter grill wherein a four way movement of blades provides fresh air to every corner and the vents shut down automatically when the airconditioner is not in use preventing exposure to dust and dirt. While the SAMSUNG Split Ac range comprising of 18 models across the Vivace, Neo Forte and Forte series is priced in the range between Rs 17,790/- to Rs 32, 390/- , the SAMSUNG Window AC range comprising of eleven models is priced in the range between Rs 15, 230/- to Rs 22,990/-.

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