Microsoft launches document sharing initiative

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Microsoft launches document sharing initiative

Hyderabad,  Microsoft Corporation on Friday announced the launch of its Document Interoperability Initiative with developers, partners and competitors aimed at providing user choice among document formats.

interopeThe launch of this initiative is a step in Microsoft’s commitment to implement a set of strategic changes in its technology and business practices to expand rability.

The Document Interoperability Initiative focuses on bringing vendors together to promote interoperability between document format implementations through testing and refining those implementations, creation of format implementation test suites, and the creation of templates designed for optimal interoperability between different formats. It brings vendors together to achieve interoperability between documents that customers use through testing of implementations, building conformance test suites and creating document formats.

According to a statement, Microsoft hosted a collaborative and community-based initiative. The Cambridge Lab will test interoperability between the Microsoft Office Open XML Format and the Open Document Format (ODF) on a variety of platforms and devices, including Mac OS X Leopard, iPhone, Palm OS, Symbian OS, Linux and Windows Mobile.

“Microsoft believes that the industry has a responsibility to come together to address the interests of users in achieving greater interoperability and effective data exchange between widely deployed document format implementations,” said Mr Jean Paoli, General Manager for Interoperability at Microsoft.



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