Car That Runs On Air…OneCAT

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Car That Runs On Air…OneCAT

 Car That Runs On Air…OneCAT
The fuel prices are on a soaring trend these days. How you wish that you could have a car that runs on air or water. We don’t know about the second part, but the first part of your wish might just come true. Confused? We are talking about a concept car that runs on air. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Guy Negre, a French engineer, has promised that a year from now, he will gift the world a car that will run on compressed air and will produce zero emissions.
To be named as OneCAT, the car will have a seating capacity for five people. It will be having a fibre-glass body and will weigh somewhere around 350 kg. The price of the car is expected to be somewhere around £2,500. OneCAT will run on compressed air, which will be stored in carbon-fibre tanks built into the chassis. The best part is that you will be able to fill the tanks from a compressor in hardly three minutes.
If you do not want to bother with the filling thing, you can also plug it into the mains. The on-board compressor will refill the car in four hours flat. So, you can now bid goodbye to the long queues at the filling station. If you are thinking about long journeys, OneCAT has the perfect solution for it too. If you are going out of town, you can boost the compressed air, driving the pistons, with the help of a fuel burner that accepts all kinds of liquid fuel.
The burner will heat the air, which will then expand and increases the pressure on the pistons. As per Guy Negre, the car will be easily able to do the equivalent of 120mpg on long journeys. The engineer currently has the backing of India-based Tata group for the project. Infact, Tata will be the only big firm licensed to sell the car, that too in India only. For the rest of the world, Guy Negre intends to convince investors to set up their own factories and make the car.
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