Using Nokia Phone as a Modem

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Using Nokia Phone as a Modem

Here is the Step by step Guide to use your Nokia mobile phones as a Modem to connect to the Internet.

There are two options to use Nokia mobile phone as a modem:

  • Using the Nokia PC Suite software or,
  • Using Microsoft Windows Network Connections Wizard on your PC.

  • Before you can use Mobile phone as a modem you need to get internet access enabled from your mobile service provider (Enable GPRS). Or Get an Internet access from your Internet provider(ISPs)
  • Nokia PC Suite installed on PC which you are connecting to Internet
  • The appropriate modem drivers installed on PC which you are connecting to Internet. You can download Nokia PC suite to have the drivers installed from here

Using the Nokia PC Suite software to connect to the Internet:

  • Connect your phone to the PC
  • If you are using a serial cable or infrared for connection between Nokia PC Suite and your phone, the connection types need to be deselected so that you can use the connection type for the modem
  • In the Nokia PC Suite main window, click Connect to the Internet to open One Touch Access. It will automatically connect to the Internet after 10 seconds OR Click Settings to select the modem you want to use and your network operator from a list of operators, and then click Connect to establish the Internet connection.
  • Click Disconnect to close the Internet connection.

Using Network Connections Wizard

  • On your PC, go to Control Panel and choose Network Connections
  • Click Create a New Connection
  • Launch the Network Connection Wizard
  • Follow the instructions in the wizard, you will need to provide:
  • Internet service provider access phone number
  • ISP username
  • Password provided by your ISP provider to access Internet
  • Domain
  • Either Generic IrDA modem to use an Infrared connection between your phone and PC, or generic Bluetooth model for a Bluetooth connection.
  • A new name for this new connection.
  • After you have created a new connection, you can double-click on the new connection to start using your mobile phone as a modem.
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