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Krome Navigator Review | Price | India

The Krome Navigator is a great smart phone if you are ready to work on a Microsoft Windows PC format and its 3.5 inch colour touch screen reminds you of just that.The phone works on a mini version of the Windows operating system. So, you can use the entire Microsoft package — Word, Excel or Internet Explorer, etc. With these applications in your hand, surfing the net, checking your emails, as well as their attachments is a breeze. The big plus is that your attachments can also be edited, stored and forwarded with your replies.

The Krome Navigator has a handwriting notepad and its touch screen LCD display is extremely effective. You can also connect it to a portable keyboard. It has a USB cable, that allows you to transfer data from your desktop computer to your cell phone, and vice versa. You can of course get your email directly via GPRS — active syncing with your office server

The navigator has a memory of 128 MB RAM, 64 MB ROM and a SD/MMC slot for an additional memory card.

Another attractive feature on this phone is downloadable software that can play and store DVD format files. You can easily fit 3 complete movies on a 128 MB storage card

You may find it a bit uncomfortable using this phone to talk on as it is a bit bulky. But that’s the price you need to pay for so many features

The Krome Navigator goes by a number of names around the world depending on the manufacturer that actually turns it out. Identical phones are called O2 Xda II, Qtek and i-mate. There are a number of different names but all pretty much the same.

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