TVS Flame 125cc CCVTi

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TVS Flame 125cc CCVTi

The all new 4 Stroke, 4 geared 125cc FLAME is the most innovatively designed offering from TVS designed to win over discerning customers with its futuristic styling and technology. The 3Valve Engine comes with Controlled Combustion Variable Timing Intelligent (CCVTi) technology.


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The styling of Flame is inspired by the Delta Wing design found in the latest fighter jets. Called “DeltaEdge”, it gives the bike a unique style while giving it superior aerodynamics. The FLAME boasts of several style statements including, DeltaEdge Headlamps, Sporty DeltaEdge Exhaust, Embedded DeltaEdge Trafficators,LCD Digital Speedometer and a Dual Lens Tail Lamp.
Developed by world class R&D at TVS MOTOR, in collaboration with AVL, Austria, the CCVTi
technology features 2 different intake ports called Swirl port & Power port.
Ø Swirl port creates swirl motion of airfuel mixture in the combustion chamber. This Swirl motion helps in efficient combustion of lean airfuel mixture thus giving highest fuel economy in its class.
Ø Power Port gives high flow rate, which helps in delivering high power.
The engine packs in 10.5 bhp @ 8250rpm
The 125cc FLAME promises to be the best looker in its segment. Keen attention to detail, marks this new offering. DeltaEdge styling coupled with snazzy dual tone graphics translates into an amazing road presence. With the revolutionary new CCVTi technology, the 125 cc FLAME successfully provides the advantage of power, mileage and stunning looks.

The TVS Flame 125 is a sticky topic that keeps running around and around. Before I bring the XCD into this, lets get a few things very clear. The TVS Flame 125 is without a price at the moment, and has not been launched. TVs is likely to miss the festive season burst and will probably launch it after Diwali. The TVS Flame claims 10.5 bhp, peaking at 8,250 rpm and 0.98 kgm at 6,250 rpm. The TVS Flame weighs 121 kg (kerb).

TVS Flame Vs Bajaj XCD. WAR in 125cc segment: 

First, TVS clearly announced that the Flame will compete in the 125cc segment. And Bajaj clearly announced that the XCD would compete with the entry-level bikes, and any cannibalisation from the 125cc segment (or conversion of rivals, for that matter) would be welcome. That means, the Flame will directly compete with the Shine, Zeus, Gladiator, Super Splendor, Glamour, Discover pantheon. But not with the XCD. On the other hand, the XCD may draw some sales from this lot also. However, the markets never work that clearly, right? So yes, I expect that there will some spill over in both directions.

So, how will the performance compare? The XCD makes 1 bhp less, and the power peaks one thousand rpm earlier. On the other hand, the Bajaj makes 0.2 kgm more, 1250 rpm earlier. In riding terms, this should mean that the Bajaj will have the advantage in acceleration for a short while before the Flame kicks in properly and takes off. On the other hand, the XCD also happens to be 9 kg lighter, which isn’t a difference you can laugh off. That kind of a weight difference should mean that the XCD will keep up longer with the Flame than the curves would suggest. Of course, this is all pure speculation, since I’ve only actually ridden the XCD. In practice, on the open road, the XCD will feel out of breath at higher speed cruising, while the Flame will feel fine. In the depths of traffic, this could be reversed. Again, the gearing will play its part, and this is purely speculative guesswork.

Be that as it may, in this light, the price difference between the XCD and the Flame might actually work to the Bajaj’s advantage. The XCD is priced at Rs 41,000 ex-showroom and the Flame should come at about Rs 45,000 ex-showroom, if it is to remain in the segment ballpark. On the other hand, while the XCD merely looks fresh, sharp-ish and all right, but the Flame does look very, very neat… Yes, this is going to be a close-run thing.

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